About Us

About Us

We are a truly independently owned practice providing solutions for the highway environment. The quality of our work is key and we take pride in our reputation built on years of hard work.

We aim to:

  • Supply professional traffic engineering, transport planning and highway design services renowned for being the best.
  • Provide quality services based upon the principles of sustainability and safety.
  • Ensure the company innovates to meet evolving customer needs.
  • Be an organisation that employs only the best staff, gives them interesting and rewarding work and provides opportunities for them to develop.
  • Ensure that all staff are committed to personal development and professional integrity, demonstrated through membership of professional institutions.

Our offices
With offices in Beverley (head office) and Manchester, we serve customers across the UK with the best quality services in traffic engineering and transport planning.

Armstrong Manchester office

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We always look to be as competitive as possible with our pricing, but we also know the importance of providing a service that will return the best results for our clients. We feel that the service we provide sets us apart from others, so the promises in our LTP GUARANTEE are assured for every project:

Spend time on site, so that we fully understand the current local situation and ensure that our assessments are accurate, with the only exception being explicity desktop only reports.

We always aim to minimise your costs at every stage, whether it be negotiating to reduce the level of assessment required at the planning stage, or presenting a case to avoid longer-term commitments.

You will always be able to contact project staff to discuss your site, with one of our two company directors directly involved in every project and accessible via their personal mobile phones and email.

We offer a service that spans the whole life of a project, so we can appraise sites at the feasibility stage, we can undertake all of the necessary assessments to support a planning application, and we can also help discharge planning conditions with our highway design and travel planning teams. This expertise helps us foresee potential future issues and provides you with valuable advice throughout your project.

We never add-on management or administrative fees for sub-contractor services, such as traffic survey companies. We will pass on any third party fees at cost. We are always transparent about any third party costs and we will seek your approval before incurring any such costs.

We have an open office policy, so please feel free to drop-by and visit us to discuss your project at any stage.

We invest in our staff and you can be sure that those working on the project will be competent and qualified to carry out each task. All of our staff are members of relevant professional bodies.


5  (The_5pc_club_logo_cmyk.jpg) LTP are investing in the success of the next generation – we are a member of the 5% club. We are committed to helping to address the skills shortage within the highways sector and in helping the UK’s growth agenda. We have pledged to have at least 5% of our workforce are enrolled on formal apprentice and graduate development schemes.