Existing Routes Maps

Existing Routes Maps

Over the next year we know that the main focus for local authorities will be the development of their Existing Routes Map and as a partnership we can offer you all of the services you need for every element of this, including:

- Design and cartography - We have developed expertise in presenting more sustainable modes of transport in the best way possible, through easy to read maps and guides both in print and online. Four Point Mapping already produce the best cycling maps in the UK including those for Bristol, Leeds, Cardiff, Swansea and many more.

- Publication and distribution – We have previous experience of publishing and distributing active travel maps through our involvement in Personalised Travel Planning projects. Sustrans also regularly publish and distribute active travel maps across Wales, particularly those relating to the National Cycle Network.

- Production of the Statement and explanation on Conformity to Design Standards which the Active Travel Act requires – We have a wealth of experience of auditing existing infrastructure against standards and identifying required improvements. As lead authors on the chapters on network planning and infrastructure design of the Active Travel (Wales) Act Design Guidance, LTP and Sustrans fully understand the steps needed to develop evidence based network plans and active travel infrastructure.

We also understand the need for high quality design which is ambitious but deliverable and therefore most likely to have the greatest impact on the numbers of people walking and cycling. LTP have previously produced strategic cycling and walking network plans for Cardiff Council and Bridgend County Borough Council

- Consultation on maps and statements – We have undertaken consultation using a variety of methods and are aware of the importance and value of engaging with a broad range of groups including representatives of disability groups and people who do not currently travel by active means.

Packages tailored to local need Building on our expertise, we can provide a flexible package of services tailored to each authority’s needs. Whilst each of our services can be delivered alone, a combination of measures will bring the greatest quality and the best value for money.

To find out how we can help you, email us at info@local-transport-projects.co.uk or call 01482 679911.