Integrated Routes Maps

Integrated Routes Maps

We can also offer local authorities our experience and knowledge to develop their Integrated Network Maps from the first steps of establishing network aims and gathering information to the point at which the map is approved by Welsh Government (and beyond to detailed design and delivery).

For those authorities who are in a position to complete some elements of the work in-house we can work flexibly to provide specific support to suit them.

The diagrams below set out the recommended steps involved in developing Integrated Network Plans.

This methodology has been developed based on our experiences of creating strategic cycle and pedestrian network plans for Cardiff Council and Bridgend County Borough Council. This experience informed the network planning chapters we authored in the draft Welsh Government Active Travel Design Guidance. 

Cycle Network Planning

  Active Travel Cycle Network Planning (Active_Travel_1.png)

Pedestrian Network Planning

The current draft of the Welsh Government Active Travel Guidance and Standards recommends a range of potential approaches for developing pedestrian network plans. 


 Active Travel 2 (Active_Travel_2.png)

Packages tailored to local need. Building on our expertise, we can provide a flexible package of services tailored to each authority’s needs. Whilst each of our services can be delivered alone, a combination of measures will bring the greatest quality and the best value for money. 

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