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Services > Road Safety

We have a wealth of road safety experience in both urban and rural environments. We have a number of qualified Road Safety Auditors and our team have carried out over 300 road casualty studies. We also authored Transport for London's Urban Motorcycle Design Handbook.

Our road safety services include:

  • Collision Data Analysis;
  • Road Safety Scheme identification, promotion, delivery and programme monitoring;
  • Road Safety Audit (all stages) – our Auditors comply with the requirements of GG119 for conducting Road Safety Audits;
  • Road Safety Plans and strategies;
  • Motorcycle road safety projects;
  • Risk Assessment;
  • 20 mph zone concept and design, including city-wide 20mph limits;
  • Road Safety scheme design, advice and public consultation;
  • Road Safety training for professionals;
  • Safer Routes to School projects;
  • European Road Safety Projects.